Building Powerful Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

The corporations of the 21st century are faced with new challenges never before seen in business. They are now required to look at the employee work load, corporate culture, social responsibility and the general treatment of employees. For certain corporations, specifically within the IT sector, to continue competing at a global level, there is a requirement to create stronger and healthier approaches for employees. Corporate health and wellness programs are a growing focus of those who are working within any business sector.

Current statistics show that a lack of corporate health and wellness programs is taking away yearly profits. Burnout rates, lack of productivity and the inability to meet employee needs are some of the many complexities that come from a lack of health. The health issues are based on the mind relationship with stress as well as the impact that this has on physical health. Corporations are losing the productivity that is required for the total health of employees.

While there are challenges with employees and the corporate culture, there are also potential solutions that are beginning to arise. Corporate health and wellness programs are growing as a potential opportunity for those that are in need of meeting the needs of employees. However, most are based on placing fitness centers, cafes and basic workout regimen in the work area. For most employees, this is leading to more pressure and burnout that does not meet individual needs.

For corporate health and wellness programs to meet the challenges of the day, there is the need to develop an integrated mind – body approach for those in the work force. This combats against stress, anxiety and mind patterns that target the nervous system and hormone responses. The programs required are inclusive of complete programs that are designed to empower every employee while in the workplace, specifically so they can find new solutions for the programs that are required.

The corporate health and wellness programs are now required to meet new demands with the employees that are working in any given sector. Combining the mind – body relationship with overall health and wellness is the only way that corporations will continue to accelerate in the work force. More important, it is the only way to increase performance and productivity which is now required for corporations to compete at a global level. The result of this includes the ability to build new levels of prosperity for employees in relation to their health and for corporations with their conscious evolution toward employees.

Brooke Hart is executive director of the Omatrix Center, alternative living university. Their programs include Super Yoga, corporate health and wellness programs and healthy lifestyle guidance.

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